EuroMillions Help and FAQs

Euro Millions
Ticket As per the UK legislation, we do not offer betting on EuroMillions results, we purchase official EuroMillions tickets.

You can now purchase tickets for the EuroMillions lottery! You can still join a syndicate if you wish. You may find a list of FAQs related to the EuroMillions draw below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.

About EuroMillions Draws

When? The EuroMillions draws take place at 21:00 CET twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday.

Where? Draws take place in Paris but since you can buy the EuroMillions tickets from home, you can also easily check the results and see if you’re the lucky winner from home. Just navigate to our EuroMillions results page or click here to see the latest results.

About the EuroMillions Rule Changes:

From February 1, 2020 the games prize structure will be changed to add a larger percentage of sales to the jackpot prize tiers. This change will make the jackpots grow even more quickly than they currently do which means, bigger prizes to be won more quickly.

The change also means that more money will be put in the EuroMillions reserve fund so there will be special promotions 3 times a year instead of 2 with a minimum jackpot of €100 million. Of course, it wouldn’t be possible to make these changes without also increasing the maximum jackpot, so the maximum jackpot will be upped from €190 million to a whopping €200 million. The rollover rule will be applied to the new capped jackpot amount.

How to play EuroMillions:

The EuroMillions draw is simple - choose five numbers from 1-50 and two Lucky Stars, from 1-12.

Or, if you would like to subscribe to the EuroMillions and never miss a EuroMillions draw, select the “Subscribe” option after you’ve picked your lucky numbers. Then complete your transaction and your subscription will be complete.

You can also join a EuroMillions Syndicate!

Joining a EuroMillions Syndicate will mean you'll be playing various lines at a cheaper price. One share includes 15 lines, therefore, the more shares you purchase the bigger a potential win can get. To add, one share will only cost you £3.99.

To join EuroMillions syndicate via, head on over to the EuroMillions syndicate page where you will be able to choose how many shares you want to buy. Then, when you're done, you can click on the 'Add-to-Cart' button to complete your purchase. You are also able to subscribe to EuroMillions in a syndicated way, for just £19.96 a share, so you never miss a chance of possibly winning.

How do I know if I won?

Don’t worry, if you win we’ll notify you via email and the prize money will be transferred to your account as soon as possible.

If you aren’t sure if you’ve won and would like to check feel free to contact our wonderful customer success team. You can reach us via email, live chat, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, or phone. To contact us click here.

How much do EuroMillions jackpot winners actually scoop up?

The minimum EuroMillions jackpot is €17 million and the maximum is €200 Million. The maximum jackpot amount was actually €190 million until February 1, 2020 when the amount was increased adding even more excitement to the beloved draw.

The biggest win in EuroMillions History:

The draws on August 10th 2012, October 24th 2014, October 6th 2017, and October 8th 2019 resulted in jackpot winners walking away with a staggering €190,000,000, the maximum jackpot amount at that time.

Odds of winning any prize: 1 in 13

Odds of winning the Jackpot: 1 in 139,838,160

How do EuroMillions prize tiers work?

There are 13 tier prizes in total. There are 4 prize tiers with awards paid for matching anything from three numbers or more. The value of each prize including the jackpot is dependent on ticket sales and the number of winners per prize tier.

If there are multiple winners for any given prize tier the amount is split between the players. The jackpot starts at €17 million and If unclaimed, the jackpot rolls over until it reaches the €200 million cap.

Match Odds of Winning Percentage of the Prize Fund *
5 + 2 1:139,838,160 50% for draws 1 to 5 in a rollover series; 42% for draw 6 onwards
5 + 1 1:6,991,908 2.61%
5 1:3,107,515 0.61%
4 + 2 1:621,503 0.19%
4 + 1 1:31,076 0.35%
3 + 2 1:14,126 0.37%
4 1:13,812 0.26%
2 + 2 1:986 1.30%
3 + 1 1:707 1.45%
3 1:314 2.70%
1 + 2 1:188 3.27%
2 + 1 1:50 10.30%
2 1:22 16.59%
* The amounts shown above have been taken from the official EuroMillions lottery prize breakdown. prize amounts are calculated in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.

Understanding the EuroMillions roll-down rule:

The roll-down rule is a rule that was introduced, and appropriately named, by the EuroMillions in 2016. The rule states that after the jackpot reaches its cap of €200 Million, it will remain at the capped amount for 5 consecutive draws. If after those 5 draws it’s still not won, the prize money will roll-down and be divided between the winners of the next highest pier tier.

What’s so special about the EuroMillions Superdraws?

The EuroMillions Superdraw is a special lottery event that the EuroMillions puts on from time to time. Superdraws are special because of the main difference between it and regular draws. Superdraws offer a preset jackpot guaranteeing a massive 9-figure prize.

Superdraws follow the same rules as the regular EuroMillions draw in terms of where and when draws take place as well as the draws rules.

Although, they can happen any time, historically, the most popular months for Superdraws are September, March and June. Usually, the EuroMillions historically put on 2 Superdraws a year, but once the new rules were applied on February 1, 2020 this special event was increased to 3 times a year.

The most recent Superdraw was won after only 1 rollover by a lucky UK winner. The Superdraw had started with a €130 million jackpot on June 7th, 2019.

Has had any EuroMillions winners?

Yes! To date, two players have won the EuroMillions top prizes!

The first Jackpot winner was Valentin, a welder from Enfield in London. He won a hefty €248,864.38 prize on March 21st, 2017 just a few weeks after registering with

Maria from Malta, the second Jackpotter to win the EuroMillions, scooped up €97,312.73 through her EuroMillions subscriptions with’s own Corey had the pleasure of calling Maria to tell her she won. When she first found out she couldn’t believe her own luck and said: “You must be joking, are you sure it’s €97,000 and not €9,700?”.